A testimonial from Karin

Karin W. says: I am in Nanaimo 6 months /year. My husband and I had decided to eat healthier. We are both disabled.
This service of ordering and delivering fresh food, homemade grenola and bread, honey and even local services.
You put your order in online by Sunday night, and your box of goodies arrives with a smile by Wednesday evening.
I couldn't help but arrange all I ordered and more, and take a picture. Finally, I reduced our family's carbon footprint.
Thank you all for this service.


Newly added to the shop is Hearthstone's Granola and Cookies!

The cookies come in three flavours or a variety pack and are handmade with love by Hailey. :)the granola has my favourite crunch factor- Pumpkin Seeds! And don't forget to add a loaf of Sourdough or 7 Grain Red Fife Bread to your next order! 

Granola Loose.JPG




Just what are they? And why would I want to put them on my shopping list?

From Wikipedia: 

A microgreen is a young vegetable green that is used both as a visual and flavor component or ingredient primarily in fine dining restaurants. Fine dining chefs use microgreens to enhance the attractiveness and taste of their dishes with their delicate textures and distinctive flavors. Smaller than “baby greens,” and harvested later than sprouts, microgreens can provide a variety of leaf flavors, such as sweet and spicy. They are also known for their various colors and textures. Among upscale markets, they are now considered a specialty genre of greens that are good for garnishing salads, soups, plates, and sandwiches.

Edible young greens and grains are produced from various kinds of vegetables, herbs or other plants. They range in size from 1 to 3 inches (2.5 to 7.6 cm), including the stem and leaves. A microgreen has a single central stem which has been cut just above the soil line during harvesting. It has fully developed cotyledon leaves and usually has one pair of very small, partially developed true leaves. The average crop-time for most microgreens is 10–14 days from seeding to harvest.


NFMO is carrying a variety of Early Girl Urban farm's year round, fresh products. This is a great way to add nutritious punch to your salads, wraps and entrees. Get creative!


Lots has happened over the first seven weeks since we opened.... and in true form, I missed putting out updates about it!

A few new vendors have joined us, and two drivers, and we are Thriving Locally! :)

Honestly, we couldn't do it without you, the customer, and so we send our sincerest gratitudes to you. We love hearing how this service is helping you, how you have tried a new food and how it saves you time or money in going to the supermarket. 

Let's keep supporting local food producers together!

Meet the Owner

Hello, I’m Sarah. The worker-bee-admin-jane-of-all-trades for Nanaimo Farmers Market Online. I love fresh, local products, but I’m a busy mom of 10 year old twins and sometimes getting to the farmers market just isn’t fitting into my schedule. That’s where a concept like this is so fitting and timely. We have amazing food producers all around us. Why not get them delivered to your door?

Opening Soon!

Having some trouble containing our excitement around here…. we are busy prepping the online store for a launch date of September 1st! That means that in early September, you can have your favourite basket of farmers market goodness delivered to your door in Nanaimo, Cedar and Lantzville. If you are someone who values local, fresh food but can’t make it to the markets in your area, this is the solution for you. It even includes free delivery with a minimum order!